Climate Smart Program

climate-smart-sealWestern Stevedoring has been Climate Smart Certified since 2015. Climate Smart is a network of 750+ businesses developing cleaner, more efficient and profitable ways of doing business.

The Climate Smart program is built around three steps organizations can use to reduce their environmental footprint: measurement, reduction, and leverage.

For more information, visit the Climate Smart website.

ISO: 14001 - 2015

Western Stevedoring is currently developing an Environment Management System (EMS) to help us conform to ISO 14001:2015, a globally recognized international standard for Environmental Management Systems.

As part of this process, we have identified the areas of our operations that contribute to our environmental footprint.

Key considerations include:

  • emissions to air
  • releases to water
  • releases to land
  • use of raw materials and natural resources
  • use of energy
  • energy emitted (heat, noise, light)
  • generation of waste
  • use of space